Rise by

helping others

Sharing Community

Create a stronger local
community by connecting and
sharing with people located in
your area

Share products, information or favor with the ones around you. Lend your landmower, inform
someone about a change in the city bus route or help a neighbour moving a sofa. Lets go
back to begin a community.

Ask for help in less than 2 seconds using our revolutionary helpify Emergency Call service

In case you are in a dangerous situation or in immediate need of assistance press 4 times the On/Off button of your phone and helpify will send alerts including your location to your emergency contacts, the local authorities and people around you.


Every action on helpify
comes with a reward. Earn
Karma Points and get extra
benefits while helping

Earn Karma Points that can be exchanged for real money (money generated through
advertisement within the App) that you can keep or donate to a local NGO.
Receive special prizes for being on the top of our Karma Leaderboard.

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